4 Barrels Wine Trail

4 Barrels walking wine trail is the latest inspirational concept for Cromwell. It is an 8kms walking track taking in 4 fantastic local winery tasting rooms. This should be a must-do for all locals & visitors this season.

Aurora Loop Track

The Aurora loop track is 4 kms long & takes around an hour & a half to walk. It is a great example of the gold mining era of the 1800’s

Heliview Flights

Whether you live or are visiting Cromwell, make sure you book a flight with Heliview Flights for a truly unforgettable experience. Pictured below is the Cromwell basin flight with alpine landing.

Clyde-Alexandra River Track

Another of Central Otago’s great tracks lies along the edge of the Clutha Mata-au River. It runs from Clyde -Alexandra and stretches around 13kms one way. A great track for most ages.

Central Otago Rail Trail

The Central Otago Rail Trail has put Central Otago firmly on the map and is enjoyed most of the year round by visitors and locals alike. The trail can be started/finished in either Middlemarch or Clyde or can be experienced from station site to station site.

St Bathans

St Bathans is a magical part of Central Otago . We have visited in nearly all seasons now and it never disappoints . There is a loop track around the Lake so you are able to see it from all sides. Be sure to remember your camera.

Hollyford Track

The Hollyford Track, situated in Fiordlands National Park, is a part of new Zealand not to be missed. A 3 day guided hike through untouched forest will treat you to an experience never to be forgotten.